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Our Staff & Board of Directors

Our Staff

Theresa M. Caldwell,
Executive Director

Theresa serves as the Executive Director of the Dubuque Food Pantry and has been in that role since March 2016. She is responsible for overall leadership, planning and management, and oversees all operations. Prior to serving in the Executive Director role at the Dubuque Food Pantry, she was a board member, beginning in 2005. Theresa has been an advocate for  the underserved for many years and has worked and lived in Dubuque neighborhoods where she knows and connects with individuals and families in need.

Todd Brewer,
Operations Manager

 Todd Brewer is a retired Police Officer and spent the majority of his law enforcement career with the Rockford, IL Police Department.  Todd and his family started two churches, where he was the founding and lead pastor.  Todd has pastored for over 19 years.  He has a Religious Studies degree with an emphasis in sociology from the University of Dubuque.  He and his wife Cammy have four boys and one grandchild. 

Irvin Johnson,
Morning Assistant

Irv serves as the Morning Assistant. He has been in that role since 2020. He is responsible for picking up supplies, making deliveries and doing light maintenance. Prior to serving in that role, Irv was a volunteer at the Dubuque Food Pantry. Irv loves his work at the Dubuque Food Pantry and is committed to helping people in need.

Board of Directors

Angela Petsche
Board Chair

David Harris
Vice Chair

Mary Neu-Stoppleman
James A. Miller
Sr. Leanne Welch, PBVM
Assistant Treasurer
Sr. Margaret Wick
Past- Chair
Michael Larkin
Board member
Daisy Bauman
Board member
Alan Hattel
Board Member
Randy Nigg
Board Member
Theresa M. Caldwell
Executive Director
Being on the Dubuque Food Pantry Board, I have the opportunity to serve the poor, as Jesus did. I’m passionate about feeding the poor, and serving on this Board allows me to fulfill my passion and serve others.
~~ A Board member

Providing for those in our community who have food insecurity.
All are treated with integrity, respect, and dignity.